These tutorials have been selected because of the quality of their content. Aside from the videos produced by 5DFilmMaking.com, there is no affiliation, endorsement, or relationship between 5DFilmMaking.com and the creators of these videos. Click on any link to view the tutorial in a new page, in its original context.

Production Tips, Techniques & Theory

Editing – File Import & Export

Editing – General

Editing – Color Grading

Audio – Field Mixing & Recording

Audio – Postproduction

Product Reviews


3 thoughts on “Tutorials

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  2. If I am working with a mix of both 5DMarkII and Panasonic P2 DVCPROHD footage in the same sequence, should I configure the sequence so its native for the 5DMarkII (with square pixels) as opposed to native for the DVCPROHD footage?

    • I’d suggest setting up your editing sequences at 1280×720 (at whatever frame rate you shot at), with square pixels, and then drop everything in. That way you won’t be stretching the DVCPRO footage, and you won’t be distorting the 5D footage, and you should be able to crop in a bit on any shot that needs a bit of “cheating” (i.e. reframing).

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