Production Forms

Script Breakdown form: Right-click here and select “Save as …”

Shot Log form: Right-click here and select “Save as …”

Gamma Corrected Quicktime for Web Compressor Droplet: Right-click here and select “Save as …”


The best open-source preproduction software, by far, is Celtx. It has a multitude of script formats, automates the script breakdown process, and generally offers all the functionality you’ll ever need.
Click here for Celtx.

A website with extensive information on traditional screenplay formatting and scriptwriting. Click here.

Custom Storyboard Art

Aaron Krolikowski Click here to email him at

Suggested Equipment

Click here to see a list of recommended gear.

Click here to see a comparison of HD-enabled DSLRs prepared by

Cinematography Resources

Online Depth of Field Calculator

This is a great website for calculating your own color schemes, both for art direction and post-production.

Audio Resources

The “Magic Lantern” firmware for Canon 5D Mk II. A third-party update that allows for manual audio control of the 5D Mark II (as well as other cool features). Currently only available for Firmware v1.1.0, but should soon be updated for v2.0.4

Decibel to Volt Conversion Calculator. Understanding the relationship between signals measured in dBU (Decibels Unloaded), dBV (Decibel Volts), and VRMS (Volts Root Mean Square) can be a challenge, but this incredibly useful website is a terrific asset. Don’t just stick to the calculator either; browse the website to learn more about audio than you ever dreamed existed.

Music & Sound Resources

Jack Scott Voice Productions. Great quality, excellent customer service, and very reasonable prices. An interesting “” type website where you post jobs and voiceover pros audition for you. Huge selection of sound effects with quick downloads and good prices. A membership site with a nice selection of very modern sounds and music loops. A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sound effects. Recordings of songs published prior to 1922, which are now in the public domain. A sampling of free-to-use music. If you absolutely must use a commercial piece of music, this is a FAQ about obtaining rights.

FriendlyMusic.comA large selection of tracks available for $1.99. Good for non-profit/non-commercial projects.


5 thoughts on “Resources

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    • Totally a matter of taste. Some people love Magic Lantern, and use it all the time. The audio and zebra bars functions are better than the stock Canon firmware.

    • CS5 is great, just as it is. I’ve used Final Cut for the last ten years, and I’m seriously considering switching to CS5. You don’t need Cineform, because CS5 does all the processing for you seamlessly in the background, at excellent quality. Don’t go changing.

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