About Me

Alexander Fox

Director/Digital Cinematographer

Since graduating summa cum laude from the Film/Video program of the Savannah College of Art & Design in 1999, Alex has lensed broadcast and web-based projects for iconic brands such as Le Creuset, Orient Express, Piggly Wiggly and Wild Dunes Resort. He is the president of Fox Commercial Media, Inc.


Translation: I’m a “video pro.” I’m fortunate enough to stay busy working on TV spots and promo videos for companies that aren’t exactly huge, but that are fairly big and well known. High-quality brands who want high-quality work that supports their image, but at a reasonable price.

This blog is where I share with you the benefit of my experience and knowledge.

For over ten years, I’ve had to make chicken salad with chicken feathers. I’ve tried all kinds of gear, all kinds of techniques, and all kinds of shortcuts. I’ve never been satisfied with “good enough,” and I’ve always pushed the envelope, trying to make my microbudget productions look better than other people’s high-budget ones. If I may so myself, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. That’s why companies and ad agencies keep calling me to shoot projects for them.

So, welcome to my site. If you want to read about my current projects and occasional insights, check out my blog and Twitter feed. If you want to know what gear I use, and what I recommend for microbudget production, look at the recommended gear page. If you want to watch some free tutorials that I’ve found on various sites around the net, take a look at the tutorials page. For links to the most useful free or cheap filmmaking resources on the internet, look at the tools & resources page. And, if you’re looking for a quickstart guide to filmmaking in general, and DSLR techniques in particular, consider buying a copy of my eBook, “Make Movies Without Money: Microbudget Filmmaking for Students, Photographers and Other Starving Artists.” It’s an instant download that costs less than $10, and your purchase will help me keep this site going. More importantly, it’ll save you hours and hours of slogging through webinars and forums, and give you answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. For more information on the eBook, click here.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for video and you insights. I have been in the creative business all my life but have made a career change to explore cinematography… I am a new owner of an AG AF 100 and am enjoying stumbling along to develop my skill. Could you check your eBook link. This could be a good baseline for me..


  2. You just saved me hours of work and wondering in DVD SP!

    I’ve done 3 event videography spots on a barter basis for my kids classes and this just took the nightmares out of creating chapter rich DVDs! I cannot express enough the gratitude for your post and how lucky I feel to have clicked on your link!

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